"Growing up in rural North Carolina, I felt a strong connection to the natural world from a very early age. Plants and the way they grow has always held a special fascination for me. The sculptural form of a leaf, or the brilliance of a flower, are to me, among the purest of art forms. Working at a nature center in western North Carolina, I learned many different gardening techniques and types, such as xeriscape gardening, water gardening, and creating gardens for insects and wildlife. My current home in rural North Florida is rich with an abundance of plants and wildlife which are a constant source of inspiration and wonder. I hope, through some of my creations, to share a little of that wonder and to foster an appreciation for the natural world and its many diverse art forms.

At RB’s Rainforest, we use repurposed containers, natural materials, and found objects, along with tropical plants, to create one-of-a-kind pieces of natural art for your home. Our plants will thrive with a minimum of care (care sheets are included with each purchase), and will add a touch of nature to your life that you can enjoy for years to come. "

Ronnie Stephens

Consignment for Local Artists