Consignment for Local Artists

Each unique piece is carefully handcrafted given great attention to detail, quality, and texture. Please take care not to expose you new piece to chlorine, bleaching agents or chemicals. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please return the item. I will gladly issue a refund within 30 days of purchase, or offers a credit. I stand behind all of my creations.

Enjoy and wear with love. Peace!

Marlee is 17 years old and has been a lifelong resident of St. Augustine. At 8 months, Marlee had her first seizure starting the tempest that epilepsy has created in her life. Marlee is diagnosed as having intractable epilepsy (uncontrolled) and Autism. Despite the challenges in her life, Marlee continues to shine. Things that consume most 'normal' children her age never bother her. She no care for time, schedules, fashion, TV etc. Marlee smiles easily and always stops to pick flowers (even if she is not supposed to). Her mother and father are both artists and she loves to paint.

This quote from her father Max "Through the chaos that epilepsy has brought into our lives, there is always a light. Sometimes it is easier to see than at other times. I can't imagine what has been going on in Marlee's head for the last 17 years. I find that her art is a good representation of her struggles. Her bold use of line is well thought out and placed carefully for whatever reason she chooses. The lines, to me, are symbolic of her brain waves and every painting she creates seems to have a light source somewhere if your eyes are open to it. Through chaos there is light."

All proceeds from the sale of Marlee's art will go towards her respite care.

Michelle & Marlee Vinzant